COVAC ist Ihr Partner für Elektro- und Automationslösungen.Recurring Inspections

Recurring Inspections

Recurring Inspections

Testing of portable devices

Testing of stationary installations and equipment

Standard testing of stationary equipment – single measurement without recording of measured values

Extended testing of stationary equipment – single measurements with recording of measured values and barcode ID

Electrical Equipment Testing

We conduct inspections of your electrical installations and equipment in accordance with DGUV 3 regulations. Every company and public institution is obligated to ensure the safety of its employees. By inspecting electrical equipment and installations, potential hazards can be identified early and avoided.

The team at COVAC GmbH assists you in achieving the necessary safety measures.

  • DIN VDE 0105 Part 1 (electrical installations)
  • DIN VDE 0113 Part 1 (electrical machinery)
  • DIN VDE 0702 Part 1 (portable devices)
  • BGV A3 / GUV-V A3

The documentation of the inspection is usually provided in print and digital formats (xls, pdf) and includes all test protocols, an inventory list, potential faults, and a schedule for recurring inspections. In case of damage, this documentation allows for precise information about the electrical installation and provides an overview of the completed and planned recurring inspections.

Explosion Protection Inspections

  • Inspections for explosion protection according to BetrSichV § 14, Abs. 1-3 and § 15
  • Certification BetrSichV – Qualified Persons for the inspections of explosion protection according to § 14 Abs. 1-3 and § 15
  • Project Inquiry

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