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Biogas Plants: Maintenance, Expansion, and Optimization

We specialize in the programming of control technology and visualization for biogas plants. Since around 2015, we have been providing support to the nearby biomethane plant with its biogas plant and biogas processing in the municipality of Schöpstal.

A significant number of other facilities are located in the areas of Brandenburg, Berlin, and Thuringia, such as the sites in Albertshof, Auetal, Birkholz, Dobberzin, Farnstaedt, Frauwalde, Hedersleben, Kerkow, Klosterfelde, Lichtenberg, Rhinow, Rittleben, Schwaneberg, Steutz, Voigtsbrügge, Werneuchen, Wittgendorf, Wolmirsleben, and Elsterwerda, to name just a few.

 Biogasaufbereitung in der Gemeinde Schöpstal

Biogas Plant Experience and Scope of Services:

Control and Visualization Software

Our tasks include expanding the control and visualization software and integrating new plant components through new ET stations and adding new plant details. The software from ACRON, as a plant historian and operating data acquisition system, plays a significant role in this process.

Delivery and Installation

We provide the delivery and installation of field devices, terminal work in existing plants, supply, laying, and connection of cables, as well as adapting the electrical documentation using EPlan. Changes and expansions in the switchgear and other hardware can also be carried out by us.

Maintenance, Expansion, and Optimization

Final commissioning takes place on-site, and ongoing plant support for service and correction purposes is carried out through remote access from our office.

We are ready to support you in the maintenance, expansion, and optimization of your biogas plants. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

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