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COVAC CIRA Controlsystem-Integrated Remote Alarming

Description of Process Control System-Integrated Remote Alarm

COVAC CIRA is a remote alarming software that is fully integrated into a process control system. All parameters of the remote alarm, such as contact phone numbers, alarm types, escalation levels and times, as well as the currently active configuration, are directly set in the control system. In the event of an alarm, the CIRA program is triggered by the control system. It establishes communication with the telephone/SMS/messenger provider via HTTPS, receives the response from the alerted contact, and relays it back to the control system. Additionally, remote acknowledgment of individual alarms is possible. The system architecture is designed to facilitate communication through standardized web protocols, requiring only a standard internet connection with simple firewall rules. Furthermore, CIRA continuously monitors the internet connection and the accessibility of the communication provider, making it self-monitoring and eliminating the need for manual or automatic test alarms. Optionally, mutual monitoring can be selected (Blackout-Watchdog), where the communication provider continuously monitors the communication readiness of the process control system externally. In the event of a failure (e.g., widespread power outage, telephone network/internet outage), the communication provider will automatically send an alarm message.

Expansion Stage

Currently, CIRA is available as a program installation for IPCs with the Microsoft Windows 10/11 (Pro/LTSC) operating system, compatible with all common process control systems (WinCC, PCS 7, InTouch, atvise, iFIX, etc.). The available alarm types include voice call and SMS.

In the future, additional operating systems (Linux, Windows CE), further hardware (HMI-Panel, IOT-Gateways), and other alarm types (messenger services, push notifications) will be implemented.


The pricing is based on a monthly subscription and applies to one calendar month. Billing options include quarterly, biannual, or annual, but at least once a calendar year. All prices are exclusive of the applicable statutory value-added tax at the time of service provision. The invoice amount is due within 14 days from the invoice date, without any deductions.


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