COVAC ist Ihr Partner für Elektro- und Automationslösungen.Plant and mechanical engineering

Plant and Machinery Engineering – Perfect Collaboration

In almost all industrial sectors, machines and systems are used to manufacture complex products. With continuous development and optimization, the number of machines and systems is increasing steadily. These systems essentially consist of several interconnected special machines, but they are automated and safety-engineered down to the smallest detail to work in perfect harmony. The individual steps of the interconnected machine system seamlessly complement each other to handle demanding tasks.

To ensure this, it is crucial to have the right professional and experienced partners on board. The team at COVAC Elektro und Automation GmbH supports you in the development, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and later also in the optimization (e.g., cycle times) or maintenance of your machine system.

Plant and Machinery Engineering – Experience and Performance Scope

Automotive Industry

  • Transport systems (skid technology, power & free)
  • Handling systems

Chemical and gas plants

  • Gas treatment plants
  • Liquefied gas plants
  • Liquefied gas storage
  • Tank car filling stations

Air technology / paint application systems

  • Climate control systems
  • Building automation
  • Large cabin, small parts paint application, and pre-treatment systems

Conveying technology and logistics

  • Storage systems
  • Power & free systems
  • Circular conveyors
  • Skid conveyors with automatic positioning (ICS)

Food technology Fermentation

  • Freeze dryers, refrigeration systems
  • Cookers
  • Pasteurization
  • Hard cheese presses
  • Farm dairies
  • CIP and washing systems

Energy and environmental technology

  • Power supply systems
  • Heating plants
  • Prepolymer plants
  • Plastic recycling plants

Construction, stones, and earth

  • Gravel plant equipment
  • Quarry equipment

Remote controls (radio and infrared controls)

  • Crane systems
  • Tandem crane systems
  • Gantry crane systems
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We cover a broad spectrum. Innovation, quality, reliability, service & support, and flexibility

Our systems are meticulously designed down to the smallest detail to suit your products and their associated processes.

We have successfully automated processes in the energy supply, medical technology, automotive industry, chemical, food technology, energy, and environmental technology sectors. With this wealth of experience, we are the right partner to realize individual assembly solutions.