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LPG Filling Stations – Perfect Collaboration

LPG filling stations, LPG storage, LPG distribution depots – Experience and Performance Scope

These facilities are used for the storage and filling of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). LPG is stored in these facilities for further distribution and transfer. It is delivered by road tankers (RTW) and pumped into appropriate storage tanks. The LPG is then temporarily stored in these tanks until it is filled into road tankers for delivery. LPG cylinders are delivered by carriers and stored in the cylinder depot within the operational area before being delivered to customers by carriers.

The operational area complies with the regulations for facilities requiring approval according to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) and the Major Accident Prevention Ordinance (StörfallV).

  • LPG plant engineering
  • LPG storage
  • Rail tank car filling stations
  • RTW station for loading and unloading

Measurement, control, and automation technology (MSR)

  • Process control for the LPG distribution depot
  • Control of pumps and gas compressors
  • Control cabinet (measuring station)
  • Visualization via a touch panel, PC-based control system
  • Position indicators for remotely controlled fittings (all fittings are in fail-safe configuration)
  • Pressure, temperature, and content indicators, including overfill protection
  • Stationary gas detection system
  • Monitoring of gas compressor operation, including pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Emergency stop for individual system components with acknowledge button and master emergency stop
  • Grounding monitoring

Possible operating modes/processes for control:

  • Pump operation display, including dry running and temperature monitoring
  • Filling of RTW via compressor
  • Emptying of RTW using onboard pump
  • Emptying of rail tank cars (RTW)
  • Suction of residual gas from RTW via compressor
  • Emptying of RTW using compressor
  • Control of LPG cylinder filling system

Design of gas detection system:

At a gas concentration of 20% LEL, an optical alarm (pre-alarm) is triggered inside or outside the measuring station. At 40% LEL, an optical and acoustic alarm (main alarm) is triggered inside or outside the measuring station.

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