Supply systems for pure / high-purity media

  • Regulation of liquid and gas streams
  • Controlling of supply systems for high-purity gases, special gases and high-purity chemicals
  • Controlling systems for gas and chemistry cabins as well as distribution boxes
  • Controlling systems for vacuum technology for supplying, extraction and processing
  • Alarm systems

  • Modernize existing plants

  • Migration of Controlling components
    • S5 to S7
    • Saia to S7
    • Moeller to S7
    • ABB to S7
    • more alternatives upon request
  • Renewal of visualization and signage/guidance systems
    • Visualization WinCC, WinCC flexible, InTouch, iFix, Coros LS-B, Aprol-E
    • Process control system PCS 7
  • Maintenance of electrical plants ? Electro-/MSR ?technology
    • Service / Inspection
    • Maintenance
    • Repair
  • Recurrent tests according to
    • DIN VDE 0100-600 (VDE 0100-600)
    • BGV A3
    • Technical examination of electrical plants and equipment within potentially explosive atmospheres (acc. to safety directive BetrSichV §§ 14 and 15)

We are happy to show references and reference objects
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